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US WWII 105mm Howitzer - M2A2
Manufactured in 1944

Absolutely complete except for breach ring and one small piece of it's front armor shield.
ALL breach parts are included.








This piece CERTAINLY saw action in WWII with American G.I.'s.
It ended it's active military service in support of the Israeli Defense Forces so most likely saw use in all the later Mid-east conflicts.
If this unit could only talk!
There is no rust or battle damage save a corner broken off it's front armor (see picture 3 above).
You may certainly take measurements from our complete unit for replacing the missing section.
It needs a good cleaning as it has sat in our back storage room for 10 years and has collected a lot of dust.
Breach rings for these units are not that hard to find, so after proper Form 1 registration with BATFE you will have a LIVE operational Howitzer.
We use ours to support Air Shows, MVPA meetings and WWII re-enactments with home made blank cartridges...major BIG boom!!!

We know of only 4 105mm Howitzers in private hands in the U.S.A. and we have 2 of them!
Accepting realistic $$$ offers.

Fax inquiries / offers to 321 868 2201

We are interested in WWII Halftrack, M8 and M20 Armored Car, WWII US Armor and M114 APC.

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