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These Caliber Conversions contain all the parts necessary to change your firearm from it's existing caliber
down to the inexpensive .22LR rimfire cartridge.  The conversion takes less than a minute.  It is achieved with no permanent alterations to your firearm.  It can be quickly returned to it's original caliber.
They allow semi-auto .22LR fire in semi-auto guns or select-fire operation in select-fire guns.

Remember our conversions are the ONLY available with
magazine capacity over 10 rounds!!!


The "Atchisson"  MKIII                                                    
AR15 / M16
.22LR Conversion Unit

Open your gun, pull out the bolt/bolt carrier assembly, slide the unit in, close the gun insert the .22LR magazine, SHOOT .22LR.  It's just that easy!

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Unit in "Colt" M16A1

M16 Unit in fitted case


AR15 Unit

$159.00 w/10 RD Mag.
w/30 RD Mag.

M16 Unit

$199.00 w/30 RD Mag.
(The ONLY conversion that supports full auto mode in the M16.)

Spare 10 round Magazine - $35.00
Spare 30 round Magazine - $39.00
Spare 30 round Magazine 3 piece "Special" - $109.00


It's easy and inexpensive to convert your gun!
So why waste so much additional money on a dedicated upper?

Use it on more .22LR ammo!


and have a "BLAST" with your "AR"!

And DON'T forget to order spare magazines, you'll want'm!

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