ITEM:  The "Ciener" AK47/S and AK84/S .22LR Conversion Kits

CONTENTS:  :  The kit consists of a sub-caliber bolt, chamber adapter/barrel liner (for 7.62x39) or chamber adapter (.223), return spring and guide rod and magazine in a fitted plastic case that replaces the standard bolt/bolt carrier assembly in the AK47/84 family of rifles.

FITS:  The kit fits AK47/S and AK84/S semi-auto firearms.  It is not designed for use with factory select fire or converted to select fire semi-auto firearms.

MODELS:  AK47/S 7.62x39 Kit - Standard sub-caliber bolt, 7.62x39 chamber adapter/barrel liner, return spring and guide rod with 10 or 30 round magazine*.
AK47/S .223 Kit - Standard sub-caliber bolt, .223 chamber adapter, return spring and guide rod with 10 or 30 round magazine*.
AK84/S (Norinco) Kit - Standard sub-caliber bolt, .223 chamber adapter, return spring and         guide rod with 10 round magazine* with special mag body for use in Norinco .223 firearms.

*The kit's 30 round magazine is optional at an additional $40.00 upgrade charge.

OPERATING PRINCIPLE:  Direct blow back design, as are all other .22 firearms.  Semi auto operation only.

INSTALLATION:  Field strip the firearm as you would for cleaning to include removal of the standard bolt/bolt carrier assembly.  Install the kit's sub-caliber chamber adapter/barrel liner (7.62x39 firearms) or chamber adapter (.223 firearms) and retain with supplied set screw, install the sub-caliber bolt, recoil spring and guide rod, install the firearm's top cover and insert the unit's magazine.  Approximate conversion time is thirty seconds.

FUNCTIONING:  The kit functions FLAWLESSLY (guaranteed) using good quality High Velocity .22 LR ammunition.  Hyper and standard velocity is not recommended.

ACCURACY:  The accuracy of the firearm it is installed in is maintained out to100 meters.  The point of impact is lower out past 100 meters.

MAGAZINE:  The standard magazine's capacity is 10 rounds with 30 rounds* optional.

PLASTIC STORAGE BOX:  The kit is supplied in a fitted plastic box.

Kit parts - Clean the kit parts on a periodic basis in the same manor as the Mini-14/AC556 parts they replace.
Magazine - The kit magazine fully dis-assembles in seconds by removing the floor plate and can then be cleaned as you would the regular OEM magazine.
Parent firearm - The kit should be removed from the firearm after 500 rounds.  The receiver cleaned as with the standard cartridge.  The barrel should be thoroughly cleaned  and inspected for any lead fouling.  Firing the standard cartridge will fully clean any  residual .22LR rimfire ammunition fouling from the gas system.

MATERIAL:  Sub-caliber bolt, sub-caliber chamber adapter/barrel liner, return spring guide rod adapter - 4130/4140 Chromoly steel, heat treated.
Magazine adapter body - Aluminum alloy .
Magazine's stick - Cold roll steel.

FINISH:  Steel parts - Mil spec. parkerized.  Aluminum parts - Mil spec. anodized (matte black)

WEIGHT:  The kit weighs approximately 1 lb. without the plastic box, 2 lbs. in its box.

MANUFACTURER:  Virtually all of the parts of the kit are manufactured in our facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The kits are assembled, tested, and shipped daily.

GUARANTEE/WARRANTY:  The kit is warranted for one year against defects in materials or workmanship.  [ Warranty ]

MODIFICATIONS:  We do not authorize any modifications of the kit.  Additionally, any modification voids all warranties expressed or implied.

AVAILABILITY:  Normally a stock item, assembled and tested daily.


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